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Do You Know Precious Hope?

Today's show notes is going to be a little bit different. For this weeks case, I am calling for your help!

Precious Hope is a young girl who was slain, her body mutilated and left in an abandoned building in St. Louis Missouri in 1983. There is now photo of Hope's face, because her head had been decapitated before her body was dumped in an abandoned Victorian building.

This is what we do know about Hope:

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Using Namus

Namus is a free and useful service that allows the public to help solve cold missing persons cases. Please note that Namus uses graphic imagery for educational purposes included post-mortem photos. Join Namus here

Watch the Documentary for Free here

Precious Doe may have been from these states: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, or West Virginia

This is what she was wearing & the type of rope that was used to bind her wrists

This is what her hands looked like: