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The Avoidable Tragedy of Astroworld

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In the original audio, I did not mention the death of Jake Jurinik. He was 21 years old, a quite and kind soul. his father says, "He never gave me any trouble. That's why it took so long for Houston to identify him because there's no fingerprints on file. He never did anything where he got into any trouble." My sencerist appologies to Jake's loved ones for not mentioning him in the vicitim list on the podcast. I was wrongly using an older list of victims that was published before Jake could be identified. I send so much love and hope to Jake's loved ones and to all of the loved ones of those we have lost in this tradgedy.

UPDATE: On Monday 10/15, 9 year old Ezra Blount succumbed to his injuries. Please leave your thoughts and prayers for the family in the comments. Ezra is the youngest victim of the Astroworld Tradgedy


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