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Boss Babe Master Classes

Dear Future Boss Babes,

Welcome to my master class collection! 

After the purchase of the Boss Babe Basics and Bad Boss Babe classes, you will be given access to the corresponding class web pages under the Master Classes tab.  Also, after the purchase of the Big Bad Boss Babe class, you will be given access to both the Boss Babe Basics and the Bad Boss Babe web pages.  Both pages are accessible on mobile devices as well and all course materials can be downloaded for offline viewing! 

However, because I am still a tiny brand,  I can only offer the sale of these classes until midnight, EST, May 20th, 2019.   This is just a way to control student to teacher ratios, so that I am available to answer all questions on a personable level.  But don't worry, members will always have unlimited access to their course materials!

Welcome to the club Boss Babes!


Safiyyah xoxo

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Boss Babe Perks

Boss Babe Perks gives you access to an hour and tweny minute mini knitting pattern writing and grading class, along with my unique sweater construction cheat sheet.  This condensed cheat sheet, which is the perfect reference for any budding or experienced designer, explains how to construct raglan, yoke, and set in sleeve sweaters from the bottom up or top down.  Increase/decrease percentages and grading suggestions are also given.

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Boss Babe Basics

Boss Babe Basics is for the designer who wants to perfect their pattern writing, formatting, and development skills.  This modern take on pattern writing includes an one hour twenty minute condensed masterclass on my revolutionary pattern writing method and a priceless pattern template that is compatible with Google Docs and Microsoft Word.   The masterclass is screen casted in HD and is a step by step narrated demonstration.  Using my method, you will learn how to write up a pattern so fast, it'll be Ravelry ready as soon as the item is knitted up.  My method takes advantage of  letting technology do the work for you, making the process quick, foolproof, and easy.  There is not a single class like it on the market.

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Bad Boss Babe

The Bad Boss Babe is for the designer who's ready to bring their patterns to the next level by grading them the Boss Babe Way. Perfect for beginner designers and experienced ones as well, this two hour HD video screen casted master class uses my unique pattern grading template (also included) that is Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets compatible.  By the end of this class, you will be able to confidently grade your pattern quickly and efficiently.   My pattern grading template already includes equations, a size chart and a very detailed step by step grading chart.  This class will be a game changer to your designing and grading routine as it ditches all the tedious math equations and simplifies the grading process. No previous spreadsheet experience is necessary!

*Combining this class with my free "Boss Babe Perks" class is a match made in knitting heaven.

I may or may not be wearing my #tequilaa

Big Bad Boss Babe

Big Bad Boss Babe is the perfect combo package for the designer who is ready to perfect their pattern writing and grading techniques.  This package includes my pattern writing master class and my pattern grading master class, along with all of the corresponding course materials.  This is the ultimate package that focuses on a quick, modern, and easy way to develop a pattern.  

And as a limited time bonus, I am throwing in a thirty minute free consultation where you can ask me ANYTHING over Google Hangouts (video chat or voice chat, it's your choice!)  I can only offer this free consultation for a limited time as I prefer to keep this experience as personable as possible!

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