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Cast On Along with Me!!!

How is everyone's friday? Today, I woke up with a start to nine missed phone calls from my husband. NINE! Not seeing a text, I knew it was just a wake up call and I scanned my foggy brain to figure out what I needed to be awake for at the ripe hour of 9am. Vet appointment? No that's next month. Pediatrician wellness check for Beau? No, that was last month. Flu shots? Nope that was two months ago. I called him frantically, panicked as my ADHD mom brain couldn't figure out what was going on today.

"Lowes is on the way to deliver our washing machine" he breathed hastily into the Bluetooth speaker in his truck. "I'm halfway home now because I figured you were sleeping."

"I'll be ready, you can go back to work," I say

"No, I have to disconnect the old washer anyway. See ya soon!"

And so I rushed, pulled on a pair of questionable jeans (are they clean? who knows the washer's been deceased for two weeks) and a less questionable shirt, grabbed Beau, got him dressed and fed, put the excitable, overly friendly dog outside, lock the cat door that leads into the laundry room so that way they don't run loose during the installation, brush my teeth, sigh, put my hair up, sigh again, notice that my husband is home yell at him that "I have to pee, i got beau, watch out for Sears", then stop myself and wonder WHAT DECADE IS IT as Sears haven't delivered a washing machine in maybe 10 years. Later, Jake told me he just ignored the Sears part. Bless that man.

But I took a deep breath, went to the bathroom, chugged coffee, and now I have a new working washing machine (thanks to Lowes, not sears) and I am ready to cast on my Rainbowgan!

For my Rainbowgan, I am using Lionbrand Mandala Sparkle in Nova. I snagged this yarn from Walmart a few weeks back even though I have 4 other skeins of mandala on standby in my stash. I'm also branching out a bit and using Bernat plentiful yarn for my MC. I was scared about this yarn pilling as its an affordable fuzzy yarn but then my cat dragged the whole yarn ball around the house and the yarn still looks great! So that was my "wear" test!

I talk about this yarn a bit in a podcast from last year:

And now I'm casting it on! yay! So I am going to make my Rainbowgan the same as my first one, with no mods. I thought about knitting a bigger size, but I'm just so in love with my first one, I really don't want to change a single thing!

I love the irregularity of the MC and I hope that it would add some texture and maybe even make the pattern look like a whole different sweater! Let's see!

So, are y'all ready to cast on? Find the pattern here on Ravelry and here on my website Peep my instagram & discord server for more fun this weekend!

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