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Mystery Knit Along Book Club 2023: Real Men Knit

Hello wonderful people and welcome to the official MKAL Book Club official blog post. This is where you will find all of the info needed to join in on this years club!

First, let's secure this year's pattern pre-order!

You can now purchase the patterns first page here on my website or on Ravelry. The preorder is essentially just the first page of the pattern. It will give you details about yarn, gauge, finished measurements, and special techniques used within the pattern. Then, when the MKAL Book Club begins on Jun 30th, check your emails / Ravelry for the updated pattern, which will be released in full, so that you can knit at your leisure throughout the month of July.

The pattern is a beginner friendly shawl hybrid, that is size and gender inclusive. My husband (6ft, 250lbs) and I (5'3 on a good day, 150lbs) who have vastly different styles and body types can both wear it comfortably. I am very proud of this ;___; . The pattern has been tech edited over the course of a few weeks and by jove, it is perfect! Honestly it is the best MKAL pattern that I have ever done and I just know y'all will love it as well.

Next, let's purchase the book.

Here is where you can purchase the paperback, kindle, and audiobook versions on Amazon. (This is an affiliate link)

Unsure of which version to purchase? If you plan on reading as you knit (like me!), then I highly recommend you check out this older video of mine!

I plan on borrowing my sister's kindle for this because I find that to be the easiest way to knit and read. You can just tap the screen to turn the page.

Now let's take a peak at our beautiful yarn options, curated just for us by Totally Rad Jess of Totally Rad Yarn.

Each kit is $60 and includes one skein of Nuggies, a deliciously irregular single ply fingering weight yarn, and one skein of Mad Mohair, a luxurious laceweight blend of mohair and silk. You can purchase your kit here!

Though I highly recommend Jess's yarn, any 100 g skein of fingering weight yarn and a 50g skein of lace weight mohair will do! This project will also make for a great stash buster.

If you plan on ordering from Jess, I recommend doing so soon, so that way you can get your yarn in time for the knit along.

Speaking of which, let's get on to the important dates!!

June 7th - Pattern preorder is live.

June 20th - The last of the yarn orders will ship!

June 30th - The full pattern will be ready for download, just check your emails / Ravelry for the updated versions.

July 14th - 5:30 pm EST - Official Book Club Zoom with giveaway! Link and details will be shared via my newsletter.

July 31st: End of club parade of fasten offs! Post your finished project on the Discord, Instagram and Ravelry using the tag #mkalbookclub

Now let's talk about the community!

Discord - I highly recommend that you join the shenanigans on the discord here! This is where you can upload pics. You will need a discord account to view the chat.

A pattern page on Ravelry is recommended! You can post pics of your spoilers, but please use the following image as your project's main picture, so that way we don't ruin the surprise!

You may post on Instagram as well! Just upload the above photo along with your project pics. Then be sure that the above photo is the one that is going to appear first!

And lastly there is a giveaway!

Wild Star Fibers is graciously giving away one skein of her fabulous Wash Rinse Spin yarn. The colorway is inspired by the second installment in the Real Men Knit Series, Knot Again. The giveaway will be held over Zoom on July 14th and the yarn would be shipped out to winner in early August!!

Okay folks, I think that's everything! If you have any questions, just contact me via this website and we will be in touch!



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1 Comment

Tilde 00
Tilde 00
Jun 20, 2023

Is it okay to borrow the book from the library instead of buying it?

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