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Drunk Knitter 5

*I am renumbering my episodes so that they match the video podcast! Sorry for the confusion!

Patterns I discussed:

Yarn Discussed:

All of my sock samples are Rowan Pure Wool DK

My cowl is just synthetic roving, you can find a comparable one here

That giant ball of yarn is just a single ply acrylic bulky, Burly Spun is close and better qaulity

Knit Like a Boss Toe Up Two At a Time Sock Class

This is in post production and should be ready later this week.

In this class you will learn

-A simplified way of knitting socks toe up that you will not find anywhere else

-Easy yarn managment

-No swatching, very little measuring, no stress

-Fool proof sock formula that fits any foot and any yarn/needle combo you wish

-Two different instep types for different feet widths

Class Prerequisites:

Magic Loop- If you do not know how to do Magic Loop, I recommend this video

Knit stich

Purl Stitch

Knit/ Purl two together

A glass of wine

Join my mailing list to find out when the class is live!

Hope to see you there!!

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