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New Year, New Knits Show Notes

Downward Puppy Anyone?

Forget New Year, New Me, It's all about the knits baby!!

Here are some quick updates that coincide with the podcast. Cheers!!

-Find all of my designs that I mention here.

-Find "the" blog post here and some insightful commentary here.

*note cannot be responsible for any annoyed groans, feelings of horror, or pearl clutching while reading the above blog post. Here is a cat video to cleanse your soul.

-GG's website

-Find me on My Fitness Pal as Safiyyyah

As for my list of fiber artist of color, I am working on an official form sheet that anyone could fill out that would then add even entry to a database on my website. Until then, feel free to leave your suggestions below. I will update this post as soon as I get this form up and running.



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