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Holy Crap Christmas is Almost Here Knit List

Okay so we all know that Christmas is the 25th right? So why or why do we wait until December 1st to go "Holy Pickle Juice, it's December!" And then that's when the realization sets in. Not only must knitting be done by the 25th, but the item must be blocked and dried. And, to add insult to injury, we can't forget all the work, friends, and family holiday parties that happen before Christmas. Or, the countless gifts that must be mailed early enough to arrive before Christmas.

So are you feeling the stress now, because I am! But don't panic! Because I have the ultimate knitting gift giving list for you. I have curated 5 projects that are fast and easy knits.

The list is ordered from quickest to slowest with AKT (Approximate Knitting Time). So let's get this show on the road.

AKT: One cringe worthy episode of CSI Miami, with commercials.

2. Wheat and Soy Cowl (Free)

AKT: One glass of boxed wine and a disappointing pilot episode on Netflix. (I recommend Glitch)

AKT: Two episodes of Stranger Things and a couple shots of Eggo infused vodka shots.

AKT: A five episode marathon of Drunk History and a classy four pack of a hoppy hipster beer.

AKT: Season 1 of Twin Peaks and a bottle of damn fine cherry wine.

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