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I Knit and I Know Things MKAL

Guys, I am so pumped to share this MKAL with you! I'm so happy that you are excited as well!

Here is all you need to know about the MKAL so far!

This MKAL is designed to correspond with Season 8 of Game of Thrones. Of course, you do not have to watch the show to enjoy the knit along. Everyone is free to join and enjoy and celebrate with us!

*Legal Knitty Gritty: This is a unofficial game of thrones knit a long and is not in partnership with or produced by HBO. This is a celebration of the show that captured our hearts*

The design is a unique and gender neutral shawlette/stole combination inspired by a particular costume on the show. Even though this design can be described as a shawlette, the unique shape allows it to be worn by all body types and it's a true one size fits all. For example, it looks great on me and my broad shouldered husband, and neither of us are exactly thin and trim LOL. In fact, he wants to steal it from me...

Anyway, at the end of Clue 1, you should be able to guess the inspiration. However, you will not be able to guess all of the literal twist and turns in each clue.

Okay, on to the knitty gritty and knerdy stuff...

Knitting Level: Intermediate Beginner

This is a brioche pattern, but I have a confession to make. This is not just my first brioche design, but my first brioche project EVER. Yes, you heard me right--EVER! The most challenging part about this project, is fixing mistakes. I tend to knit at night, when my brain is fried, so I found that my biggest struggle was reading my knitting so that I can fix mistakes. Luckily, the motifs are super easy (Each motif is a 4 row repeat or less) so mistakes are very minimal. BUT, when they happen, it's easy to panic. In the pattern, I include really simple ways to fix these mistakes without ripping back. And for all of you perfectionists out there, I include awesome videos (not mine) that show you how to rip back in brioche without tears. And I include pictures of my design (very close up so they don't ruin the surprise) on how I fix mistakes. Also, every single brioche stitch includes a corresponding video (again, not mine) and detailed written instructions (mine lol). So yep, I made this thing 100 percento fool proof!

The Yarn

The exact yarn and measurements will be revealed very very soon! But for those who cannot wait, I used two skeins of Neighborhood Fiber Co. DK and 1 skein of their mohair. I tried to make this is a very economical design, but I also wanted it to feature their yarn, which will be sold as kits. HOWEVER, you can substitute with yarn in your stash and the mohair is optional. Just remember, Winter is Coming, and you may just want that mohair ;) Also, you may notice that I picked neutrals. I based my colors on a character's costume but, if neutrals aren't your thing then feel free to pick any color you wish. Just note that because it's brioche, I recommend picking a light color and a dark color. My neutrals don't have a stark difference in hue, but it's just enough to have some contrast.

The Pattern

The pattern will be released on Ravelry in 6 clues that correspond with the 6 GOT episodes. Before the MKAL, the pattern will be available in my Ravelry shop. Before the MKAL, it will only include swatching info, yarn info, finished measurments, needles, gauge, ect, ect. Each clue will be released the Saturday night via a Ravelry pattern update before the episode (full calendar coming soon!) so that everyone will have their clue ready on episode day! This season is shorter and I reflected that by using a medium sized project. A couple of weeks after I will reveal photos and the final updated pattern (again, full calendar coming soon).

The Platform

This MKAL will be held on my ravelry group and on instagram. In my Ravelry group, there will be a spoiler thread and, a help thread for each clue and one all purpose non-spoiler chat thread. Please only post your progress photos in the spoiler threads :) When posting progress photos on Instagram, please do a multi picture post with a non spoiler picture as your first picture. Feel free to steal one of my non-spoiler pics. Also, put "SPOILERS" in your description so that others will know. On ravelry, just be sure that your first project photo is spoiler free :) Don't forget to tag #DKMKAL on instagram and on your ravelry project page, so that we can find each other

Feel free to ask me questions!!



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