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Knit, Read & Sip with me! Updates and my new book club!

The Obligatory Update:

Oh my goodness hello blog! I missed ya!

I stopped writing my blog about 1 year ago. Why you ask? Well, the story is short and simple, yet tragic and hopeful all at the same time. I was cast away and harrassed by my own family who hated my blog. My blog no longer felt like a safe place for me. Also, I was worried that all of my hard work would be overlooked by the slander, which, I did not deserve. I was guilted into being silent and I let it happen. I cried and wallowed in my own self pity, worried that my son would grow up without the support of his extended family. I was in mourning until his birth, which threw me into a world of love, exhaustion, and hope.

My story of being an other bought me so much backlash and pain and distrust from my own family. But, I'm ready to keep sharing, because my story has helped thousands. I'm so ready to continue now, but I'm going to switch gears. I really want to explore books that document the black experience by sharing some of my favorite literary works from my own personal library with you.


The Book Club:

So, let's begin the fun part! I read a new book every week. Well, okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration. I *listen* to a new book every week on audible because when do I ever get a quiet moment to read? I love to listen while I work, do housework, and especially while I knit. I love that when I pick up a finished item, I automatically associate it with the book that I read while knitting. The knitting experience is forever immortalized by the book.

So where am I getting at here? Let's do a book club test run!

I will be releasing a FREE mystery shawl pattern THIS week. It will be available on Ravelry as a FREE download! Also, within the pattern (and on this blog) will be the name of the book that accompany's the pattern. The pattern and book will be a pairing in the sense of you can easily read or listen to the book while knitting.

I'm super excited to announce that our first book will be.....

The Bluest Eye is Toni Morrison's (author of Beloved) first published novel. It follows the tragic story of Pecola Breedlove as she comes to age as a young black girl in Lorain, Ohio. It's a story that many black girls will fine earliy familiar and it is one that will stick with you long after it is read.

I'm so excited to read this book with you and I invite you all to join us :)

As you wait for the release of the pattern, I invite you all to find the book as an audio, kindle, or paperback here (Note: this is an affiliate link and supports the blog!)

For more info, please sign up for my email list! That is the best way to get all fo the updates for this new venture!



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Michele H
Michele H
Jun 11, 2020

I have donated and will not do the KAL (because I have way too many WIPs) but I will read along. I started reading Beloved again, after Toni's recent death. I also watched an incredible documentary on her. I was an english major in college and she has always been one of my favorite people and authors!

I am so happy to have found your blog and am happy to have this virtual book club and community. Please keep up with the blog. Families are tough- mine also tries to shut me up as well. Tell me that's not right or what Dad would have thought even though he has now been gone for 31 years. It is their discomfort…


I'm donated, downloaded 2x and ready to knit!!


I'm excited to join and have the book all set on Audible. Thank you!


Safiyyah, I’m going to try to do this and keep up with the club. I just joined a reading group with an aunt on White Fragility and I def want to do that so she has someone to talk about it with, also I want to make sure my brain has time to fully absorb what I read, but I’d love to read a Toni Morrison book with you. :)

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