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My Book Is HERE

Hello sock fam!

Guess what? My book is now available for purchase in store and online!!

You can Purchase my book "Knit 2 Socks in 1: Discover the Easy Magic of Turning One Long Sock into a Pair! " on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powels, Storey Publishing and Workman.

Knit 2 Socks in 1 is my new knitting book that allows you to easily turn one long tube into a pair of socks! This method uses any yarn, any knitting needle, and most importantly, any size! So it's completely customizable, beginner friendly and a great introduction to sock knitting.

I was inspired by "you" to create a a sock method that utilizes beginner friendly techniques so that way every can have a chance at knitting and then wearing a handknit sock!

There's also an official kit made by Weird Sisters & Abstract Fiber that you can find here.

One kit can make 1-2 pairs of adult socks

For a live demonstration, join me in Seattle at Vogue Knitting Live where I will be teaching ta class on the 2 in 1 method!

Thank you fam for your continued love and support! I could not have done this without each and every one of you! So cheers!



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Jenny Smart
Jenny Smart
Apr 15, 2022

I have it pre-ordered! It's released May 3rd here in the UK, can't wait!


Kathleen Gabriel
Kathleen Gabriel
Apr 13, 2022

Your book is fabulous! Maybe it’ll help me get my knitting mojo back. best wishes!

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