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My Donation Process

The Joy Shawl

I hate talking about money. Growing up, we were either rich or dirt poor, never in between, and as a result, I tend to count every single penny. But, this is a process that I need to share with you. Not just because it means the world to me, but because you are just as apart of it as I am.

So as you know, I have two patterns where portions of the proceeds go to a nonprofit organization. My Joy Shawl contributes to National Share Org. and my Kathmandu Cowl contributes to Room to Read. Both organizations are noteworthy in their own right. I stand for them because both help families like mine.

I am very conscious about who I donate to and I've stalked both organizations for weeks before picking them. I read as much as I possibly could about them. But please, don't just take my word for it. Look into them too, and you would see just how amazing they are.

When I donate to these organizations, I would love to give them a lump sum. So, I chose to donate every single year on the first of the anniversary month of the patterns' release. So, the Joy Shawl's donation day will be August 1st of every year and the Kathmandu Cowl will be every October 1st. Of course, leading up to these dates, I will make a great hoopla about it, so don't worry about missing it.

When I donate, I would love everyone to be apart of it, so it will be live streamed on Instagram as well. If you follow me there, then you will receive a notification when I start the live stream. But of course, I will be making a great hoopla about it in the weeks, maybe even months leading up to that time, so you would already be aware.

And when I say great hoopla, I really truly mean, great hoopla. Remember, I'm from New Jersey, the land without subtleties.



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