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The Drunk Knitter MKAL Book Club

I'm super pumped to announce that the MKAL Book Club begins today! Here are the deets:

  • We will be reading The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. I thought that it was fitting to begin with her debut novel. You may find the book in kindle/audio/paperback form here (Note: This is an affiliate link that helps support the blog.)

  • As we read and/or listen to the novel, we will be knitting the Pecola shawl, which is available as a FREE Ravelry download here.

  • The MKAL Book Club begins on June, 8th 2020 and ends July 6th, 2020. Don't feel too rushed to finish the shawl, but you may want to finish the book because we will have a LIVE podcast on Youtube on July 6th, 2020. Find my Youtube channel here.

  • To enter the MKAL Book Club, all you have to do is donate to Black Lives Matter, which you could find here.

  • To enter the discussion, join us on instagram by using #MKALBookclub. Only follow the #MKALBookclub hashtag if you are okay with spoilers though ;)

For questions, please leave a comment here or on the corresponding Instagram post.



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