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Wheat & Soy Cowl

Today, we are getting classy folks. So let's keep those pinkies up because we are getting fancy with it.

Today, we are knitting my Wheat & Soy cowl. This cowl can easily be completed while sipping two glasses of pinot grigio from Sheep Thrills. The Wheat & Soy cowl is very cozy, warm, and the big knit gives this cowl a luxe, sophisticated edge. So what better to pair it with than a light and tart Italian pinot grigio?

Is this too fancy yet? Well don't get used to it, because I am still the Drunk Knitter. Sheep Thrills is a very respectable pinot grigio, but well, the the label features two parachuting sheep sipping pinot grigio like their life depended on it. So to match this, I am using a gloriously soft, and very synthetic roving that I picked up for $3 at a questionable big box store. Feel free to use your favorite Merino roving, I just prefer to save mine for the spinning wheel.

You will need:

300 g of roving. I used synthetic roving found at a big box store

Size 50 US/25 mm needles

A bottle of sheep thrills pinot grigio

A comfy chair

An even comfier blanket

A good Spotify playlist

I like big knits and cannot lie

Using the roving, Cast On about 5 stitches

Work the below garter stitch pattern until cowl measures 26 inches:

Garter Ridge Pattern

Row 1:purl

Row 2:knit

Row 3: Purl

Row 4:purl

The Garter Ridge Pattern in Pictures:

Row 1: Purl

Arya is training to be a professional roving eater
Row 2: Knit

Row 3: Purl

Row 4: Purl

Bind off leaving a long tail. Use the tail to sew the two shorter ends of your rectangle together. I used my hands to weave the end into a mattress stitch. Or at least I think that's what I did. The outcome looked like a 8 year old trying to braid her hair for the first time. If you got a lumpy seam like I did, just take a few more gulps of wine and I promise it'll look perfect.

Oh pinot grigio, I love you

Voila, you got a sophisticated cowl. Work it with pride you classy babe you.

And remember, knit responsibly.

Click HERE to add Wheat & Soy to your ravelry que.

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