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Adventures in Lace Knitting

I have a confession to make y'all.

I, Safiyyah, The Drunk Knitter, am terrible at knitting lace. Yes, you heard me right. The creator of the Joy shawl, the girl who knitted her wedding veil, and the girl who designed a cardigan with a lace motif is terrible at knitting lace.

Don't be fooled by my lace designs, every last one of these hurt my brain.

The thing is, I love the look of lace, but I don't quite have the attention span for it. On my podcast, I talk a ton about my ADD and how it effects my life, and how knitting has helped this diagnosis exceptionally, but I don't think I ever mentioned how it affects my knitting.

When it comes to knitting lace, my brain just cannot focus. I learned early on that charts are my friend, as written lace instructions are just too distracting for my brain. It's the actual counting while trying to focus on my knitting that causes my brain to overload. And this results in endless mistakes and having to tink back at least once every lace repeat.

But because I am a glutton for punishment, I just can't leave lace alone. I not only have to knit lace patterns like my soul depends on it, but I also have to design them. And I'm going to be really real here; I am no lace knitting wizard. In fact this week was the first time that I ever created a lace motif from scratch. And even though the motif is so easy that it should be a crime, I absolutely love it.

Inspiration for my new design

I'm currently putting the finishing touches on my Dipper Cowlette, and I just cannot wait to release it to the world. It is currently being knit using Quartermoon Fiber Company's new yarn, Tekla. Tekla is a delightful merino, silk, and hemp blend. The silk adds a stunning shine, the merino softness, and the hemp, strength. The drape makes it perfect for a lace motif, and the shine compliments my holographic beads.

The Dipper Cowlette isn't ready to be photographed just yet, and I am writing another lace motif for an intergalactic inspired sideways edging. You may want to join my mailing list for more updates on the Dipper Cowlette and my final thoughts on using Quartermoon Fiber Co's Tekla. Stay tuned loves



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