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Rainbowgan Cast-On-Along

Do you like to express yourself through color? Are you fiending for an easy, yet engaging knit to distract you from your holiday knitting?

Then join us for the Rainbowgan Cast- On -Along!

Begining on November 19th though December 3, we will be casting on our Rainbowgans as a project to promote self care & self expression. Because it is the holiday season and sweaters are long term projects, this will just be a Cast-On-Along, meaning that we will all just start together, posting our project in the Rainbowgan Discord Chat or on TikTok & Instagram.

To join in on all of the fun, just share a photo of your favorite way to cast on using #rainbowgan!

Me? I like to cast on with a large glass of wine and a good savory snack (cheese & crackers anyone?)

You can find the pattern here on my website and here on Ravlery . These links will also lead you to yarn, needle and notion information to help get you started.

Let's go have some fun casting on!



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1 Comment

This is my first sweater! My the Goddess of complete a project bless me LOL!! I'm nervous and excited!

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